Wedenday 16. october is the best night of the year at The Medieval Centre!

When darkness falls we light the candles and the warmth of the fires spreads. It begins to smell of food – the inhabitants in Sundkøbing are preparing their dinner.

The tournement is in complet darkness – only a few lights and torches light up the arena so it is very difficult for the knights to see each other!
The trebuchets shoots fireballs and you can hear the fantastic sound the fireball makes when it flies through the air!
It is all ended with big fire works!

A very special night in the middle ages you can feel the atmosphere in Sundkøbing changes as we go from day to night.

Of coruse the medieval inn is open as well – it is a good idea though to book a table before your arrival. See more here

Wedensday The Medieval Centre is open from 10.00-20.30.

Come by to a special night, full of atmosphere and tradition.