During the school autumbreak the Medieval Centre is open from monday to friday (week 42) 10:00-16:00.

There are people living in the houses, people at the town square, food is prepared in the kitchen, we slaughter sheep and chickens, the craftmen show their work, the knights passe through the town and soliders keep an eye out for trespassers.

We demonstrate our trebuchets each day, have a grand knights tournament and some days also the cannons are fired.

Wedensday night is a bit different as we stay open much longer and give you a chance of experience the middle ages in the evening. The houses are lit by candle light and supper is prepared by the inhabitants. The tournament is held only in light from candles and torches and after that is the high point of the year – the trebuchets will shoot fireballs out into the water! It is all ended with a big fire work display! Better than new years eve!

Come by and see how people lived in the middle ages and enjoy a week full of activities, tournaments, fun and middle ages.

Follow this page for more information as we get closer to week 42!