Places to eat ”The Golden Swan”

Due to Covid-19 the restaurant is closed. The cafe is open.

We offer a broad selection of food and drinks:

Try real medieval food in the inn ”The Golden Swan”.
Delicious small dishes are available in the outdoor café and from time to time there will be, for sale, bread, smokes sausages and fruit in the market square of the medieval town of Sundkøbing.

You can also bring your own food and drink and enjoy it at the picnic area.

The medieval inn
You can have a medieval banquet at The Golden Swan, i.e. in the private rooms of the noble knight Henrik Svane. It is open to the public in the normal opening hours from May to September and all year round in the evenings.

For more information regarding opening hours and booking the inn please contact innkeeper Jan Bang at or +45 53 81 65 55.
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Just want a sandwich or some ice cream?
No problem, try the outdoor café just outside the entrance building. They have a variety of light meals, coffee, ice cream, sweets and other nice things, that the medieval people cannot have, because it’s not invented in 1400.

Picnic area

You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. Next to the tournament filed is a picnic area.