Practical information

It is possible to visit the Medieval Centre by whellchair, and there are access to entrancehall, the shop, the toilets, the restaurant and the outdoor café, it is also possible to go the the low tribuen at the tournament field by wheelchair.

Access to the Technology Park by wheelchair is possible from the “back entrance”. Ask the staff in the entrance and they will show you where to go.
The Magical Forest is not suitable for wheelchairs or people with walking disabilities.

It is not possible to entre the medieval houses by wheelchair, but the inhabitants are happy to come out and talk about their house and show their craft.

People with walking disabilities please notice that several houses have high steps and no handles to grab onto. Please be careful when entering or exit from a house. Never lean onto something unless you are sure it is safe.

There are wheelchairs in the entrancebuilding for loan.

The roads of the medieval town are uneven with cobbles, grass and gravel.

Visually imparied people are allowed to touch and feel anything including the medieval people (please ask beforehand).

Guide dogs are welcome.

Hearing imaparied people should be aware that there are no signs in the medieval town as the interpretation is based on dialogue with the inhabitants of the town. There are signs in The Technology Park and The Magical Forest.

Allergy sufferes please note that we have animals, apple gardens, medical gardens and a alot of hasel and birch trees.

Contact with the animals are advised against. The animals are not to be feed, especially not the horses.

All activity at the Medieval Centre are at own risk.

Dogs are welcome, please remember to pick up after the dog.