Week 31 (29. July – 4. August) we promise gun powder, big booms and cannons for everyone!

This event will focus on cannons and artillery of the middle ages.

We have invited the skilled English re-enactment group Kynges Ordinance to visit us. They have visited us before and it is always a pleasure to experience their knowledge about their weapons and see them perform drills and shoot with the guns and cannons.

During the week we will focus on the craft behind the cannons and the making of those. How are they made, what did their appearance on the European battlefields affect warfare?

During the week we are also visited by a group of scientists, The Ho-Group, who several times have made experiments at The Medieval Centre. This time is no exception – they will attempt to cast a big bronze cannon!

This will take place at our newly opened experimental area. Some times the area will be closed off for the public – because of security reasons, but we promise to make guided tours to the area so everyone can get a glimps of the project.

Come by and experience the newest in warfare in 1409!