Re-enactment groups

Information for re-enactment groups who wishes to visit the Medieval Centre

As a group at The Medieval Centret you are obligated to participate in the daily acitvites during the opening hours and if there is a speciel evening event.

Our period of choice is the time around 1400, so all clothing and equipment must be made to fit this period.

If you bring your own equipment we will have to approve it before arrival – please send us an e-mail with photos or show the itmes to us when you arrive.

Clothing must be authentic in materiale, patterns, sowing techniques etc.
Slips and undergarments, veils, aprons is in white og unbleached linnen
Hoses, dresses etc must be made of woll
All visible seams must be made by hand.

Shoes is turnshoes made of leather in a type documentet from the period.

If you don’t have the proper equipment for the period, we have some you can borrow.

In the medieval town no moderne items are allowed during opening hours. No glasses, make up, visible piercings, visible tatoos. You are not allowed to smoke, drink coffee or alcohol, eat ice cream etc. when dressed as a medieval person.

If you have goods you want to sell you need to arrange this with us before arrival and we will have to approve all the gods.

You can sleep in the houses or you can bring medieval tents

A limited number of modern tents can be put up outside of the medieval area.
Please be aware that if you would like to stay in the houses, that the group should be as many as possible in one house – to allow others a house as well.

We will provide ingredients for coking – both in the medieval town and in the modern area.

All visits must be arranged with us – don’t just show up without a prior agreement.
Please contact area manager Pia Bach: