From 23. – 25. July we focus on medicine and medical science in the middle ages.

Where did you go if you were sick in 1409? to the black smith? The munks in the monestary? or did you trust your life to a doctor?

We put on a show where the barber of Sundkøbing has consultation with different patients. It will be possible to see a bloodletting, how to cure a cold and how to get rid of a boil… It is not for the faint hearted but very informative!

We are also visited by Janus the barber, who is specialized in medieval surgery and he will lecture on the art of medicine in the middle ages and also show all his tools.

In the herbal gardens many plants that can help different sicknesses are being looked after by the elderly women. Some of them are very dangerous if used wrong.

Visit Sundkøbing for a peek into the world of medicine in the middle ages.

Changes may occur