There are lots of children at The Medieval Centre: both “real medieval children”, visiting families, schools and kindergartens.

And there are plenty of experiences for all.

As a guest you can explore the activity areas, talk with the medieval people, try the machines in The technology Park, watch the trebuchet demonstrations and cheer for your favorite knight at the great tournaments.

What can I do …

The battlefield at the entrance
Here you will find training areas for sword fighting. Jerkins and helmets in padded fabric are ready to be used, together with wooden swords.

The activity area at the café
Here you can ride the wooden horse and try to hit the quintain with a lance, build with bricks, play in the new water area, play skittles, fight with pillows on the balance beam and play with the wooden animals in the small farm.

The activity area close to the forest
Here you can try to hit the iron shield with stones. A clear “pling” sound shows that you hit the target.

Booking a day in the middle ages, a birthday party or a school trip
If you wish to book a guided tour, a school educational trip or something else, please contact us at or telephone + 45 54 86 19 34