It is possible to have a company event, teambuilding experience, conferences, pensioner outings, birthdays or a private dinner at The Medieval Centre.

We will tailor arrangmentes to your requirements and budget.

Please contact Tina Scheel, +45 54 86 19 34

It is also possible arrange a private dinner at the inn “The Golden Swan” – please contact innkeeper Jan Bang, +45 53 81 65 55

Guided tours:

The medieval town of Sundkøbing

The Technology Park

Guided tours: 750 DKK (outside opening hours 1250 DKK)


We offer a wide range of different teambuilding events:

Archery range (+ instructor) DKK 1500,00

Tug of war and the bull in the red sea DKK 800

Old games DKK 800

Soldiers training: DKK 1500


The trebuchets:

Small: DKK 800

Big: DKK 1000

Outside opening hours: DKK 2500

Fire trebuchet: DKK 4000



Tournament: DKK 7500

Fireworks approx. DKK 15000