Last year we began our season with a pilgrimage – it was a succes so we are planning another one this year!

Saturday 27th of April 2019.

The rute is still unknown, but will mostly be on small roads and end at a church. More info will follow!!

Many has heard about the big holy pilgrimage paths as Santiago De Compostella and of course Rome and Jerusalem. But there was a lot of other places, also in Denmark, where you could make your pilgrimage to.

Some sources talk about a healing spring and churches with relics which could perform miracles.

In our modern world with all its work pressure and stress it has once again become fashion to go on a pilgrimage to clear your mind.

During the weekend we will go on a pilgrimage. The route is not an official pilgrimage, but it will end at Kippinge Church, which is an official pilgrim-stop. Kippinge church is also the inspiration to the church that we a building at The Medieval Centre.

We do this to mark the beginning of our season, but also to make awareness of the fact that movement is healthy and that walking together can be a good event.
During the middle ages people went on pilgrimage to clear their mind and seek peace, it is no different today.

We would like to invite everyone who wants to join in and walk with us. You don’t have to walk the whole distance if you don’t want to.

We will be wearing our medieval clothes to make the experience as authentic as possible but also the test how much wear the shoes will be put through etc.


More information will be put on the website when we get closer.